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"Mom says I´ve got Broadway on the brain..."

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Rushing tickets isn’t queuing up at 4 am - rushing tickets is buying them 90 minutes before it starts and running through New York to get on Broadway in time.

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I think were all worried about Corey and Ben. They left the theater together looking pretty shaky and were escorted by security so they could sign or anything. But I called for Ben because I had a note to give him and he stopped in his place and put his hand on his heart and mouthed "thank you so much" to me over the people in front of me, and his eyes got watery and I keep thinking about that moment.


Oh my god oh my god oh my god

First of all you’re so LUCKY that you were there, geez! 

That’s….o h my sweet darling s I really hope they’re okay. That’s terribly cute, though. 

I love them so much and they sound so devastated. Oh my. I just want to give them each a long hug, but I think they both need to hibernate for a little probably.

Even if you’re a purple dinosaur you go through a phase of personal acceptance.

━ Chris Colfer - Windy City Live (via gemimalee)