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I just… have to agree. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel too. Blaine is much more insecure than Kurt in many ways, and it kinda bugs me that he’s always the one giving in the relationship. This last statement is arguable (ie: Kurt gave him flowers.) But look at the bigger picture: Kurt wants to go back to McKinley? Blaine is totally down for it as long as he’s safe. Kurt want to go to Prom? Blaine admits the last time he went to a dance he got beaten up for being gay, and still agrees to go. Kurt’s dreams of going to New York? Blaine’s on board. Kurt wants his senior to be magical? Blaine transfers. Kurt wants the role of Tony? Blaine never questions that he can get it (because he seems to be the only one who blindly believes in Kurt’s talent) and auditions for other roles. Kurt wants to go to the gay bar? Blaine, even when he’s uncomfortable, agrees again. But Blaine is being treated like a piece of crap by Finn and Santana in front of the whole club? Kurt never says a thing.

The thought of Darren voicing a Disney Prince



lol also people complain that having too many gay kids in a show is unrealistic yet are totally fine with a show filled with vampires and werewolves


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